B complex vitamins supplements tips

Vitamin B12 is one of the B complex vitamins, so it is needed for the conversion of food into energy. But, it has other functions that are independent from the vitamin group. It is needed for the production of healthy red blood cells and keeping the nervous system healthy. Deficiency of it may lead to serious health problems, such as anemia and permanent nerve damage. Because of its importance on the maintenance of overall health, it has been made available as a dietary supplement. So is taking the supplement for you?

If you are vegan or your diet does not include much of animal products such as meat, shellfish, eggs, and milk, then taking a Vitamin B12 supplement is for you. In terms of food source, you may only get liquid vitamin b12 it from animal food products. As such, vegans are prone to developing deficiency of it. Furthermore, if you are over fifty years old, taking the supplement may be greatly beneficial for you. The vitamin is protein-bound, and sufficient amounts of stomach acid are needed for it be released and absorbed. However, the elderly are more likely to have atrophic gastritis, which decreases the ability of the stomach to produce acid. This may then lead to malabsorption of the vitamin.

If you have pernicious anemia, taking the supplement is also for you. Pernicious anemia is an autoimmune disease that prevents the body from producing intrinsic factor, a glycoprotein the stomach releases needed for the absorption of the vitamin. Moreover, if you are taking acid-reflux drugs, you may also benefit from taking the supplement as these drugs inhibit the release of stomach acid. As mentioned, sufficient amounts of stomach acid are needed for the absorption of the vitamin.

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