When Dog’s fur Jigs! Frequent-Flier Programs For Pets

American’s preoccupation with their pets has led more flight companies to embrace animals on-board their aircraft. While most major flight companies now allow pets, some flight companies are real standouts — offering special pet programs and frequent flier miles for furry travelers.

Midwest Flight companies was the first airline to offer a genuine frequent flier program for pets, where the pets actually 寵物移民英國路線. can earn the free trips! Under their program, frequent flying pets can earn free travel when accompanied by their owner. Both in-cabin and below-cabin accommodations are around for pets. Pets can fly free two various ways:

(1) Free Trips for Travel — For every three paid pet roundtrips (or 6 paid one-way trips) made with their owner, pets earn one free roundtrip;

(2) Midwest Miles Award Travel — Midwest Miles members can get miles for their pets’ travel — 20, 000 Midwest Miles for one roundtrip!

Midwest is arguably the most pet friendly airline; they even allow certain dogs to sit in the same seats as humans! Within the past year, Midwest begun to allow select “celebrity” dogs that can be found in competitive events, shows or advertisements to sit in seats. The off the shelf in-cabin pet fee is $125 each way.

Continental Airlines’ rewards its human travelers when their pets fly. Continental’s PetPass program offers members of OnePass, its frequent flier program, one OnePass kilometer for every dollar spent when transporting a pet using Continental’s acclaimed PetSafe service, a special products option. Continental’s PetSafe program allows pets that previously traveled as checked luggage to experience certain safeguards when they travel as products, keeping them safe and their owners reassured.

Highlights of the program will include a dedicated 24-hour staffed animal hotline, online tracking of pets’ travel, and personal handling of pet travelers in climate-controlled vehicles for connections over Continental’s hubs. In addition, Continental operates the only on-airport crate managed by an airline in the united states at its Houston Rose bush Intercontinental products facility. Open 24/7, this crate provides 1, 100 sq feet of space for runs and exercise pencils. It also provides the ability to contain separate species in separate rooms. With this facility, Continental also provides grooming, on-site providing (or day kenneling) and overnight kenneling. This is a good idea for pets to be more comfortable while they’re making their connection — they can spend their layover time running, sleeping or getting groomed at Continental’s special crate facility! The cost of the PetSafe service varies per pet. In-cabin accommodations are also available for an expense of $125 each way.

JetPaws is JetBlue’s exclusive pet program. It provides pet travelers and their humans with tips, tools, and perks to help ensure a smooth trip. Members of JetBlue’s frequent flier program, TrueBlue, can earn two TrueBlue points each way when traveling with their pet. JetPaws now offers pet travelers pet social manners tips, a welcome email with helpful travel tips, and an e-booklet that includes the whats, wheres, whens and hows of jetting with your pet. They also carry a JetPaws pet travel kit and other custom pet travel products. In-cabin pet accommodations only are available at JetBlue. The cost is $100 each way.

Free airline is worth a notable mention as they are the most recent major airline to allow pets on-board. Although they don’t provide a frequent flier program for pets, their rates are very pet friendly. In-cabin pet fees are merely $75 each way — making them the reduced cost winner. Plus, their reputation for excellence in customer service makes them popular pet friendly airline option.

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